Strollers for Kid's

LuvLap Red Stroller
LuvLap Stroller
  • Reversible Handlebar – Allows baby to face parent while strolling.
  • Seat Cushion is Detachable, Soft and Washable.
  • Looking window in the canopy – To keep a watch on baby while strolling.
  • Foot rest – Adjustable foot rest for both sleeping and sitting position.
  • Storage basket – The stroller is equipped with spacious storage basket.
  • Pocket – There is a pocket situated on the back of the stroller for holding valuables.
  • Material – Aluminium.
  • Stroller Dimension – 79 x 64.5 x 25 cm
  • Suitable for infants and upto 3 years.
  • Safety belt keep the baby secured to the stoller seat.
  • Adjustable 3 position recline seat
  • 360 degree moment on front wheels.


At LuvLap, we endeavor to weave the little stories into our products with an emphasis on child safety and enrichment of features. Meticulously designed, our range of strollers.  lets your baby discover the world from the lap of luxury. They are comfortable nests that accompany your baby on tours through the city streets and country roads. Ergonomically designed to ensure your baby is always comfortably supported. So that your little one gets the comfort that’s next only to the warmth of your lap.

Conceived with care and made using the latest marvels of science, all LuvLap products undergo multiple quality checks before they are dispatched to the stores. LuvLap understand the need of young parents, and came with the most safe and comfortable strollers. It is light weight portable / can be folded easily can be taken in hand. More tha 99% of moms say LuvLap strollers are safe and comfortable

Stroller is suitable for 0 months to 36 months, carry weight up to 15 Kg’s. The safety belt keep the child safe and secure the baby from falling or crawling out of the stroller. Babes love to see the world but sometimes need to see the parents when cranky or sleepy. The handle bar can be reversed baby to face in front or to you while riding the stroller. The set can be adjusted in three recline positions depending upon the mood of baby, if he wants to sit, relax or sleep. The seat of stroller can be positioned at upright, inclined or flat.

Moving the footrest up and down to a comfortable position for a baby depending upon his age and mood is possible on LuvLap Strollers. The front wheel can be rotated by 360 degrees, for easy maneuverability, where as swirl feature can be locked for stability on uneven surface. The rear wheel has a break that can easily be applied by feet when we do not want to move the stroller and release the breaks once you are on move.  

The canopy protects the baby from harsh sunlight and dust and looking window to keep a watch on the baby while strolling. The cushion seat can be detached from the stroller, can be cleaned and is soft to give the warmth like your arms. A small pocket is given at the back and a basket to keep essentials is provided bellow the stroller seat.

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