Best Cheap Baby Beds Crib or Cradle , INDIA 2020

Best cheap Baby beds crib or cradle to buy in India. Today there are numerous options available to buy from online. You get excellent deals and delivery at home at no extra cost. But before you buy the crib or cradle. Consider some of the facts and features.

Baby bed during olden days in INDIA

In olden days in India, If you see the women’s use to tie saree across the strong branch of a tree or to high hooks on roof of house. And place there babies on that to sleep.

The main reasons for the above are :-

(1)  The saree is soft and is good for baby skin.

(2)  The thin saree is also good as air can easily pass through saree. Thin saree does not cause suffocation.

(3)  Can swing it easily and slowly. 

More safety features are :-

(1)  The thin saree help in proper breathing for the kid.

(2)  The swing is kept around 2 feet above ground, so that it is comfortable to put kid on swing made by saree, and easy to lift kid out of swing.

(3)  The 2 feet above ground also prevent any insect or crawling animal to reach the swing. Kid sleep safely on it.

(4)   Sides of saree become straight due to weight of baby, which ensure baby is unable to turn to side and sleep straight facing up.

Modern Baby bed, Crib and Cradle

The modern baby beds are designed keeping the above required features in mind. Always when ever one is thinking of buying crib or cradle following essential features are must to be seen.

(1)  The mattress should not be too soft. If mattress soft, babies always have tendency to turn to side and face down. If mattress is soft baby is likely to get suffocated. Mattress should be little hard and should not have any loss cloth or bedsheet so that it should not entangle kids face.

(2)  Mattress should be good ventilated from bottom, that is bottom of bed should not have solid base below the mattress. The bed should have no flat solid block below mattress.

(3)  Should be easy to swing manually or automatic. 

(4)  Should have good view from sides to keep watch on baby. Sides should not be completely blocked.

R for Rabbit Lullabies New Born Baby Cradle

Cradle is smaller in size as compared to a crib. R for Rabbit Newborn Baby Cradle made up of strong piped structure. Is strong to hold the weight of the baby. 

The cradle is good for your newborn baby. It is fitted with a mosquito net to protect the kid from mosquitoes and insects. You can place the cradle near your bed at night and can be kept near the kitchen when working in a kitchen and you are alone at home. Since cradle is portable can be easily be shifted anywhere as required. It has AUTOMATIC SWING, you can sleep comfortably by switching on the auto-swing, the baby will be comfortable and will sleep properly.

R for Rabbit Lullabies New Born Baby Folding Automatic Swing Cradle
R for Rabbit Lullabies New Born Baby Folding Automatic Swing Cradle

Pros of R for Rabbit Lullabies Cradle.

(1)  Light weight, can easily be shifted from one place to other.

(2)  Ladies working in kitchen can shift cradle near the kitchen to continuously keep eye on baby. 

(3)  Automatic swing help baby sleep properly.

(4)  Height from ground is perfect, comfortable and safe.

Cons of R for Rabbit Lullabies Cradle.

(1)  Due to light weight is not suitable for baby grown older. Cradle gets tilted on one side due to baby weight.