Best Kid's toys that keep kids Busy ( May 2020 )

Childhood is a fantastic period. A best kids toys is a constant companion of a child from the first day of birth. It acts for a child as an object of fun, entertainment, joy, and at the same time, it is the most important source of mental development.

Everything is possible in childhood; everything is allowed. In this age, everyone can overcome all the hardships and troubles and makes the world around them dazzlingly colorful, vibrant and exciting. For this, it’s enough just to be a child whose imagination and creativity can create miracles.

Some Best Kids toy's that keep kids Busy

This toy selection guide will help you choose the right toys for your children at any age: from 0 to 9 years old! Some toys are recommended for more than one age category, as children of different ages often use the same Toy.

Toys for Kids from birth to six months

Children in this developmental period rely on sight, sound, touch, taste and smell to learn about the new world. They need the very first toys that make noise or have high contrast and bright color images. Textured toys that are safe for mouth are great for babies because they hold them and taste them:

  • Teethers
  • Large rings or keys
  • Toys made of fabric (which can be washed with embroidered details)
  • Soft dolls
  • Stroller
  • Soft toys in the form of animals
  • Musical toys
  • Rattles
Rocker Chair for Kids
Rocker Chair for Kids

Toys for Kids from Six to 12 months

At this stage, babies begin to learn motor skills that open up new and exciting ways to play. When the children have learned to sit, they play with the toys that they can bang on the floor, drop, put, roll, open and close. When they start to crawl and walk, they get a huge selection of toys that can help development.

  • Balls, large balls
  • Equipment for the gym (first swing, slides)
  • Swimming pool
  • Water toys for swimming pools
  • Children’s table and chairs
  • Musical instruments
LuvLap Red Stroller
LuvLap Red Stroller

Toys for Kids from 1 to 2 years

Kids at this age are already full-fledged researchers. They need toys that inspire a physical game – walking, climbing, pushing and riding – and toys that encourage experimentation and manipulation.

The list of recommended toys for this age is entirely similar to the previous one.

  • Balls, large balls
  • Toys that can be pulled and pushed
  • Toys for riding (self-propelled, controlled by feet)
  • Equipment for the gym (first swing, slides)
  • Large blocks constructor
  • Swimming pool
  • Water toys for swimming pools
  • Toy household items (telephone, workbench, basket)
  • Children’s table and chairs
  • Musical instruments
Intex 2 Feet Pool and 3 Feet Pool Combo
Intex 3 feet Pool

Toys for Kids from 2 to 3 years

At this stage, babies love to explore their physical skills, so offer them toys that make them jump, climb and throw. This age group has good hand-eye coordination and loves to play with dolls, blocks and simple puzzles. Choose toys that develop their imagination.

  • Balls
  • Building blocks and constructor systems
  • Blocks and cubes with letters and numbers
  • Puzzles with parts with handles (whole objects that fit into simple scenes)
  • Game scenes (eg, farm, airport, zoo) with figures and accessories
  • Tricycle
  • Transportation toy tools
  • Soft toys
Best Kids toy Logo classic Brick
LOGO Classic Brick

Toys for Kids from 3 to 6 years

Children begin to play actively with each other. At this age, preschoolers can go to kindergartens. Hence, toys that inspire creative and collaborative games are great for this age group. Kits for creativity and experiments are popular, as children at this age practically explore the world.


  • Tricycle / Bike / Runbike and Helmet
  • Scooter, Skate
  • Puzzles
  • Dolls and clothes for dolls
  • remote-controlled Battery operated bike, cars, and Jeeps
  • Props for a role-playing game
  • Toys that you can ride
  • Non-toxic materials for creativity (scissors, colored paper, crayons)
  • Simple board games
  • Puzzles for this age
Best kids Scooter yahma
Best Kids SuperBike

Toys for Kids from 6 to 9 years

School children love to play, which requires strategy and skill. Children of this age are also looking for new information and experience through the games. They are engaged in creativity, play sets for experiments and tricks.


  • Bicycle and helmet
  • Simple swimming equipment
  • Skipping rope
  • Gym Equipment
  • Remote-controlled Battery operated bike, cars, and Jeeps
  • Board sport
  • Electronic games
  • Dollhouses and furniture
Best Kids toy jeep
Toy House Kid's off Roader Jeep

Importance of a Best Kid's Toy

All experts agree that children learn by playing, and toys are tools that allow them to learn about the world in which they live. That is why they interact with their environment using toys. Plus, toys bring a lot of pleasure and happiness, which help strengthen self-esteem.

Memory development

Best Kid’s Toys are directly involved in the formation of thinking, memory and imagination. The best kid’s Toy contributes to the cognitive development of children by stimulating their concentration and memory skills.

Toys provide an opportunity to solve problems creatively. For example, playing with blocks can boost the creativity level of the children, which is the best sign for their future. It enhances their mathematics, colors, shapes, geometry, and vocabulary skills

Social development

In addition to improving children’s language skills, toys teach social skills and provide insights into the society in which they live. Toys invite children to interact, first with adults, and then with other children of their age.

Playing with bikes and jeeps, children perform different characters and learn their roles in society. A simple game with another child makes them experience situations from which valuable lessons must be learned: respect, cooperation and exchange. The best Kid’s Toys also motivate children to take the initiative and learn to negotiate.

Emotional development

Toys stimulate the creative potential of children and help them express their emotions. While playing with toys, a child performs different roles that help in strengthening the feelings of the child. He/she becomes able to face difficult situations in life.

Movement development

Toys involve children in physical activity, developing their physical and motor skills. For example, playing in the swimming pool is a physical activity that strengthens their arms and legs. Toys also help them to find balance and coordination and being physically active.

As soon as the children know how to sit and crawl, toys encourage them to move.


How To Choose A Safe and Best Kid's Toy ?

Here is a shortlist of toy features to consider before purchasing:-
  • Always read the instructions on the label: they are specifically reported to inform the buyer
  • Avoid toys that seem too noisy; this will protect the most sensitive hearing of children
  • Do not give children toys that contain sharp edges or sharp points that could injure the skin
  • Electric toys can overheat. Make sure the child is aware and prudent when using toys of this type.
  • Toys should be very strong, not contain small parts that can be bitten off and swallowed