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Best Kids Toys for Boy's at lowest price 2020

LOGO Classic Bricks is consisting of large number of blocks of different sizes, shapes and color. It also has different sizes of wheels. These are open ended creative and develops imagination.

Due to availability of wast variety of blocks, and wheels. It instigate Creativity and Innovation in the kids. The Different combination and structure, what a child can make. 

LOGO Classic Bricks Product Discription.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Maximum Weight0.86 Kg.
Instruction main Language(s)Italian manual, German manual, French manual, English manual, Spanish manual, German, English, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish
Number of Puzzle Pieces442
Product Dimension26.2 x 14.3 x 22.2 cm

(1). It is open ended creative and innovative Toy. (1). Total Packed box is heavy for kids to carry from one place to other.
(2) Kids and parents both can enjoy constructing various vehicle. and Structures ( Parents spent Quality time with children ).(2). Need larger place to play with these blocks.
(3). Moving and static both types of models can be built by LOGO classic Bricks.

Editors's Recommendation

For kids in the age group of 3 years to 4 years, when kids starts picking up skills. LOGO Classic Bricks help to develop creative and innovative skills into the kids.  

Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster 6 Dart Rotating Drum  is on among the best toys for your kid if he is 8 years or above. It is light weight, and can be played with friends and independently. It helps in developing the trait of sharing and improve focus.   

If a child loves to play independently he can practice with this on hand made target. The targets are not the part of package. The Nerf Blaster is of plastic but dart’s are having soft rubber in front. Rubber at front of dart make if safer for use.   

The Nerf Blaster gives opportunity to parents to spend good time with kids. 

Nerf Disruptor Blaster Material Plastic
Dart MaterialFront is rubber and inside is plastic.
Weight454 grams
Product Dimension7.3 x 31.8 x 22.2 cm
Recommended Age8 years and above
Number of Darts06 Numbers.
Fires Dart upto the distance of90 ft or 27 mts.

1Does not have any battery. Front end of dart os soft rubber do not heart.Hence safer for all kids.If you have small kids, then darts to be kept away from them. If swallowed can cause chocking.
2The energetic kids instead running here and there on every corner now practice focused on target.Even though is harmless due to soft rubber in front of dart. But parent need to ensure that kids should not hit dart into anybody’s eye.
3As parent you can join your kids to play with Blaster.If hitting on each other than to be played from reasonable distance.
4Can be played indoor as well as outdoor.

Editors's Recommendation

For kids in the age group of 8 years and above this is one of the best toy, when kids starts playing alone or with friends. Kids learn patience, focus and sharing with friends.    

Mega Blocks big building bag, Multi color  is creative and innovative toy. Most suitable for kids age from 01 year to 05 years. In early ages stage kids can easily learn alphabets by making ABC train. As age grows kids can make different objects using these blocks. They are of plastic and hollow. Kinds enjoy very much with these maga Blocks.   

Mega Blocks Big Building Bag Product information.

( 1 )

Number of peices

80 pieces.

( 2 )

Material Type


( 3 )


454 grams.

Mega Blocks Big Building Bag PROS and CONS

Sl. No.




( 1 )

High quality plastic is used. Strong enough. Durable.

( 1 )

All shapes are not in blocks, like wheels, round shape heads.

( 2 )

The blocks are quite safe. Are big enough cannot be swallowed. Minimum size of block is approximately 5 cm. 

( 2)

Very limited number of colors are there. Should have had more colors.

( 3 )

The finish is excellent. The blocks do not have sharp edges.

( 4 )

The blocks has perfect friction to hold the blocks. Even kids of age 1 year can easly lift blocks. 

Editors's Recommendation

For kids in the age group of 1 years or more is perfect. Initially helps kids to learn alphabets at early age. As age grows develops creativity and intelligence into kids to make new objects using blocks.

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