What is best for baby Cradle or Crib?

You must be looking forward for a cute little member of a family some times in few days. Want to be ready with every essentials for your baby.One of the essential along with many others are baby bed, also called as Cradle or Crib.

As a new parent did you thought about how the baby bed should be. Where you will place it and what all the features do you need in that.

Do you know? For new born babies sleeping on your arm is the most liked and comfortable for your baby. But as mother and father you need to do lot many other thing on day to day basis hence it is not possible to always hold the baby in your hands. You definitely need the baby bed for your new member.

First question as per me at this stage will be either Cradle or Crib?

What is Cradle?

Cradle is the small version of crib. It is small baby bed, which is smaller than the crib. It is light in weight, fold able and can be easily taken with you from one place to other.

R for Rabbit Lullabies New Born Baby Folding Automatic Swing Cradle
R for Rabbit Lullabies New Born Baby Folding Automatic Swing Cradle

The Cradle as a baby bed is a good option if you are frequent travelever with family. You can easily fold it can take with you where ever you are traveling. Being smaller in size it require lesser space in room can be placed easily near your bed. Being lighter in size mother can easily keep it in front of the kitchen door to be watching the kid while working in an kitchen.

Where as being smaller in size once kid grow older than 6 to 8 months, cradle will not be suitable. Cradle will not be stable and fit for the height of kid at that age.

Once your child is older than 6 months. Or if you are not traveling much, not going to move to other place for around 2 to 3 years then CRIB would be a better option for you.

What is Crib?

Crib is what is called as the full bed for your baby age from day 1 to 3 years.

The Crib is larger than the cradle and has some storage space for kids other essentials like toys and clothes. Generally Cribs is made up of engineered wood or of solid wood. Being made up of wood it is heavy and cannot be shifted anywhere easily.

One need more space to place the crib in a bed room. Before buying check the space available in a room. Being made up of wood is more durable and safer for babies.

The assembly of crib is complicated as compare to cradle.

Best Cradle or Crib
Best Cradle or Crib

Safety features in Cradle or Crib for baby.

Either you buy cradle or crib there are certain things which is very important to know for the safety of your baby.

Never have a soft and thick mattress on baby bed. Babies turn face down very frequently and easily. Babies are unable to turn on there back again if of age less than 6 months. If you mattress is thick or is soft it can result into suffocation for the baby.

R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Bed Smart Folding Baby Cot Crib (Grey)
R for Rabbit Hide and Seek Baby Crib (Grey)

Never keep any loose thread or toy with thread tied to the toy, because thread can entangle with the baby. Side supports of cradle should be having gaps sufficient enough to keep a watch on baby if he has turned in any direction. And attractive/lucrative gaps or slots given should not be big enough that baby head get stuck in that.

Mattress should not be loose anywhere and should not be small too. If mattress is small it will leave sufficient space that babies hand or leg can get struck in that and can injure the baby.

Should not have any loose clothe kept on the baby cradle or crib. Can cause the danger of entanglement. Crib or cradle be kept away from hanging curtains,like near door or window where curtains can reach to the baby.

Conclusion should I buy Cradle or Crib for my baby.

Before buying the cradle or crib remember to locate what is the space available to you. How frequently you will shifting from the place you are living in presently. Do you live in a joint family, then you will not be require to move the bed near kitchen if mother is working in a kitchen.

Some of the very important safety factors like type of mattress ( Soft / Hard ), toys and other objects which can prove to be dangerous to baby should not be kept on his cradle or crib.

We have selected the best Cradle and Crib for babies.